I am working on research in wildlife trade at Naturalis Biodiversity Center


Calderwood Seminar in public writing on Environmental Futures and the Global Climate Crisis, at Bard College

Taste, Smell, Touch & Sound in plant identification, Open Science Network at Society for Economic Botany meeting

Product Development focusing on botanicals of Southern Africa, Open Science Network at Society for Economic Botany meeting

Biodiversity and Conservation, Partnership with Schools Initiative, University of Kent

Peer reviewed publications

Quantifying an online wildlife trade using a web crawler
2022 Biodiversity and Conservation 
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Patent analysis as a novel method for exploring commercial interest in wild harvested species
2020 Biological Conservation
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Orchid Review

The Plantsman

 Society for Economic Botany

Book Review: Scottish Plant Lore: An Illustrated Flora
Economic Botany, April 2021, Volume 75 page 92

Interview with Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan, 2018 DEB
Society for Economic Botany Newsletter, Fall 2018

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