Features I’ve written on gardening span focusing on particular plants to visiting gardens, and broader themes of techniques and cultural changes. Some examples are

Orchids in Belize, RHS The Orchid Review
Gardens of Ninfa, RHS The Plant Review
Cymbidiums in Chinese culture, Guardian Environment
Aquascaping, RHS The Plant Review
Rembrandt’s tulips, New York Times
Urban Foraging, Pernod Ricard
Wykenhall, Morning Calm
Kew’s Orchid Show, The Sunday Times
Bournemouth Orchid Society, Dorset Magazine
Littlebredy Gardens, Dorset Magazine
Wild flowers in floristry, Dorset Magazine
Fennel, Kew’s Teas, Tonics and Tipples
Kew’s Orchid Show, Guardian Gardening
Orchids, Guardian podcast
New York Botanical Garden’s orchid show, Guardian Gardening
Bennett’s watergardens, Dorset Magazine
Growing citrus, Guardian Gardening
Compton Acres, Dorset Magazine
Cranborne Manor Garden, Dorset Magazine
Jennifer Trehane and Trehane nursery, Dorset Magazine
Growing orchids, Guardian Gardening
Scented Pelargoniums, Guardian Gardening
Transition Town Shaftesbury, Dorset Magazine
RHS gardens to visit, Caravan Club
Garden home brew, RHS The Garden