Product Development

I’ve worked on the botanical side of product development for spa and distilling industries for many years covering ingredient selection and sourcing to meet brand USP, sustainable supplies, and trade legislation that applies to botanicals, and running interactive workshops for staff and customers to get to know botanical ingredients in products.  E.g.  Wildsmithskin My industry experience is accompanied by knowledge from my post-graduate research on wild botanicals used in alcoholic beverages, current research on sustainable wild harvesting and cultivation,  and eclectic travels where I am always looking at local plants and what people are doing with them.

I write about botanicals for the American Distilling Institute. Gins I have worked on include  Isle of Harris Distillery  and The Boatyard Distillery. I talk about botanicals at trade events and science festivals for example at the Boutique Bar Show   and Norwich Science Festival.   I host interactive gin tastings at public workshops e.g.  Slice of science with gin , and at business retreats and other private events. For those interested in finding out more about wild plants in spirits and cocktails I host a foraging and distilling weekend.